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WELCOME TO Vouch4Vets...

Vouch4Vets is becoming the world's most important social change agent, focused on helping returning military Veterans and their dependents get jobs, with members around the globe. We achieve this, primarily, via a Resume Widget.

We believe there is ample room on your resume, to add a clickable icon which forwards the hiring manager or recruiter to a set of your Advocates on recorded video, answering questions to help you get interviews. When viewed, the hiring manager or recruiter have a new, compelling reason to advance your resume; you have something others don't - video testimonials.

Our Mission is to help military Veterans and their Spouses find jobs they really want.

Our Vision is for our widget to be as essential to a Veteran's resume as their name and address. This will happen if their Advocates want to help in a new, creative and convenient way.

The Vouch4Vets team is a collection of military Veterans, technologists, futurists and Human Resource experts, striving to make the connections between talented military Vets and opportunity stronger and better.


Our beliefs...

Think about your past jobs. Think about your career. We've been surrounded by people who guide us and from whom we learn. Sometimes we ask them to speak on our behalf at the very end of an interview process. Sometimes we wish we could work with them again one day but end up losing touch...

We believe these people, our Advocates, understand us, sometimes, better than we understand ourselves. 

These Advocates now have an opportunity to vouch for us in the moment, on their convenient schedule and terms. We believe the most talented job seekers should be allowed to retain these records of Advocacy because it can help them get a job up front, not just at the very end of a job interview process. 


our initiatives...

We care about our Veterans, where we perceive our society is headed and how Vets are involved. We believe that, together, we can positively affect our future and set a solid trajectory for our children. We've decided to focus on jobs. Creating jobs, empowering job seekers and matching talent to opportunity, at scale. If we concentrate our skill on these objectives, we believe our platform will contribute to the betterment of society.   


Our Actions...

Our team each spend an afternoon, each week, giving back to the local community. More than what we say, our actions define us as productive and caring members of society. Whether a charitable organization or a worthy cause, we expect each other to do good. Business can wait; people need help now. If you have an idea for how we can help, please send us an email to GiveBack@Vouch4Vets.com.


Frequently asked questions (faq)

This list will grow over time. If you have any questions, please email them to talentsuccess@Vouch4Vets.com.


Why is this valuable to me as a military Veteran?

As an applicant, you control whether the testimonials are active for viewing. You can add these to your resume, cover letter or social media. The advantage for you is to have your soon-to-be supervisor, looking at a likely peer of theirs explaining why you're the best person for the job, up front. This will clearly distinguish you against other applicants.

The profile builder seemed pretty high level, does it really capture the details needed to match my skill set to a job?

The profile builder is high-level because we believe if we can pair the high level data with very powerful anecdotes about how great the applicant is, we've created a package that is far superior than just a resume, even a referral. If an applicant believes s/he is a great fit for the position, and they apply using video testimonials, the hiring manager viewing the testimonials will likely be compelled to seriously consider the applicant more-so than if they had only a resume or submittal from a recruiter.

How do I address the need that I may have multiple advocates/references for different situations? For example, personal reference, boss advocate, client/customer advocate.

We've addressed this by asking general, problem-solver-related questions. You may have 11 different advocates, talking about 11 different problems you've solved for them. They will each have a different anecdote that speaks to your integrity or communication style. 

For multiple advocates, how does the right one get presented to the correct job?

That's up to you. On your dashboard, you'll see tiny-links below the videos. You'll copy these and distribute them for the appropriate role, based on the testimonial subject matter.

Is there a script or set of questions that an advocate should address for the candidate?

The questions are shown to you just after you complete your profile.