Finally, an answer to "How can we help vets get a job here?"

I started my recruiting career in 1997. Since my first week on the job, I remember trying to help returning vets with a career move or a job search. I just thought it was the right thing to do. I didn't have direction or a strategy, so I'd look at their resumes, call them up and start the conversation. I'd do my best to talk to a few per week and see if I could make a match against a few job descriptions our clients had out there. 

Something kept coming up. I came to the conclusion, way back then, that our military veterans think about a curriculum vitae very differently than non-military civilians. Sometimes they were more technical, sometimes formatted differently. Sometimes the technical terms and nuances were overwhelming to a point where I knew there would be challenges getting civilian hiring managers to understand how these people could help, simply.

Twenty-one years later we have the same challenges we had decades before. There's a crevasse between what military vets can bring to the table and how a resume describes all of it without that veteran having a chance to offer context.

Enter Vouch4Vets. Our platform, exclusively for military veterans, allows them to collect Video Testimonials from their Advocates, whomever they may be, in order to add that leverage to their job search.

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