Now you gotta fight that stigma.

What you've been through, no civilians will ever understand. Whether-or-not you're ready, you've got another fight coming and this one is all about your finances and your next 20 years. How are you going to set up your family for success? How will you figure out the trajectory right so you aren't switching jobs every 6 months, and more.

The boulder you need to move is this: being "great people but entering the workplace woefully unprepared for the realities of the new business normal." This is a quote from an HR professional, and it is baseless. In fact, the new business normal is to do-away with 'normal'.

2018 is perfect for you to be entering the workforce. Recruiters don't know what to do anymore, to find what they think is a good-enough resume with someone available behind it. They have to get more creative.

A legitimate challenge is: Your resume is still too specialized. You need to make it look less-specialized. Here's a good article to read.