It's time to help recruiters help you.

"Here's what you need. Now get me placed."

How long has it been that the only thing to had over to a company or a recruiter at that company is a cover letter / resume? How about 140 years... 

Next, turnover rates at staffing vendors is between 250% and 300%. Yes that means for every 1 person they hire, they are losing 2-3. So you've handed over your resume to someone who is less-likely to help you, based on how long they've been there (I recognize this is the same nearly everywhere, but at a smaller scale).

Then, 105,000 talent-related jobs have been posted, just on LinkedIn alone, in the past 30 days. 83,000 of them are for people with less than 7 years of experience. 

When you put all of this together it doesn't sound, not to me anyway, that you have a reliable, sustainable group of people on the job of finding you a job. 

Take control now. Create your dashboard with our platform and hand them video testimonials along with your resume. In 4 minutes they'll be able to understand what a resume cannot reveal, your real value to your next employer.